Whether you are building your dream home or just repairing your castle, our tile design will take you to a new level of understanding of sophistication and elegance.

In our catalogue as original works of authorship, and is widely known for the replica, for example, of the revived English pieces tiles of 18-19 centuries, existing in single copies. Production of our tile is a manual work at all stages, and each product is a work of art, despite the functionality.

Our tiles are perfect for people who want to have something special. It is indispensable for the work of the designer and the client to personalize each design project. You will not need to tell your guest that you used handmade tiles in the interior, it will be obvious. The incorruptible beauty of handmade will enchant the looks of all Your guests.

Color matching and sizing of our products is one of the many services we offer you.

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Our advantage

  • We have our own production

    Our tiles are made of natural materials. Used in the production of these clay and glaze.

  • Handmade ceramic products

    We use high-tech equipment and high-quality raw materials, our craftsmen can provide maximum strength, the required texture and aesthetic content.

  • Our tiles are unique

    Each product is a small masterpiece which is a work of art, we carry out painting of a panel for any room according to your personal preferences and style of an interior.

  • Any painting under the order

    Tiles on the sketch of the customer and for any size. We always welcome interesting orders and are ready to implement the most daring ideas.

  • A large selection of collections

    We will offer cladding in different styles, from classic to modern.

  • Gentle delivery

    We ship all over Europe. Each tile is carefully Packed and the integrity of the drive is up to you.

Leave a request and we will pick up goods under your task